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dekelbaumsShalom Strictly Kosher Market was established in 1974. When Max and Anita Z"L Dekelbaum opened Shalom Kosher, the store was only half the size and offered only fresh meats and chicken as well as deli, smoked fish, and sliced cheeses. Thirty years ago, there was a very limited selection of kosher packaged grocery items available to consumers. Today is a different story. Now Shalom stocks a wide variety of grocery items, meats, chicken, fish, as well as a full-service bakery, deli, and frozen items. Max and Anita Z"L have passed the store down to a second generation. Their two sons, Larry and Steve started working right out of school, and Shaukat Karimi joined the ranks over 25 years ago. With 5 Dekelbaum grandchildren, there is sure to be a third generation to follow in their footsteps.

In 1994 Max’s Kosher Café was created as a kosher fast casual restaurant. The restaurant is very spacious and can accommodate large groups. The menu includes schawarma and falafel, hamburgers, deli sandwiches, fried chicken, soups and salads, and a great dinner menu. Max’s also operates in several venues including FedEx Field, Nationals Park, and even the National Mall.

Signature Caterers was established in 2000. It serves as a full catering service for the Washington Metro area. We have become one of the top kosher caterers in the area and are known for a creativity, quality, and service.

In 2008 Shalom Kosher, Max’s Kosher Café, and Signature Caterers became The Shalom Group.

On October 29, 2012 Shalom Kosher closed its University Boulevard Location to prepare for the move to the new location. On October 31,2012 the new Shalom Kosher opened its doors in Kemp Mill Shopping Center, Silver Spring, Maryland.

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* Orders cannot be placed online.  To order, call 301.946.6500. *

Shalom Kosher
P: 301.946.6500
F: 301.946.1041

1361 Lamberton Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
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Parking in front of building

Max’s Kosher Café
P: 301.949.6297
F: 240.290.5133

2319 University Blvd. W
Wheaton, Maryland 20902
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Parking in rear of building

Signature Caterers
P: 240.290.0032

5412 Randolph Road
Rockville, Maryland 20852
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Prices subject to change without notice.

Catering Menus


MAX'S Platters

(Minimum 10 people)

Catering by Max's offers Shabbat meals, platters and lunch and dinner meals for individuals and organizations.

To order call our staff at 301.949.6297.

Middle Eastern Medley

A beautiful display of hummus, Spanish eggplant, babaganoush, and Israeli salad. Served with pita triangles.
$8.95 per person

Marinated Chicken

Tender, grilled marinated boneless breast of chicken, displayed on a bed of lettuce with a choice of two salads and French rolls. Garnished with pickles and olives.
$18.95 per person

Crispy Fried Chicken

White and dark meat fried chicken pieces, garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and rolls.  With your choice of two salads: israeli, potato, coleslaw, or pasta.
$14.95 per person

Wrap Platter

An array of juicy grilled chicken and/or grilled vegetable wraps; with pasta and health salads. Garnished with pickles.
$13.95 per person

Deluxe Middle Eastern Party

Falafel Only: $12.95 per person
Schawarma Only: $13.95 per person
Falafel & Schawarma: $14.95 per person

Includes: Falafel and/or Schawarma, salads, pita and garnishes.

Choice of Four:
Israeli salad, white cabbage, red cabbage, sauerkraut, lettuce, onions, mixed red and green peppers, hot peppers, Israeli pickles, or pickled eggplant.

Choice of Two:
tehina, harif (red hot pepper sauce), amba (mango sauce) or garlic sauces.

For more formal affairs and upscale menus, please see a sample from Signature Caterers menus.